The ASEAN conference will be held in Indonesia

Indonesia is ready to organise the ASEAN conference, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be seen arriving there very soon and participating in how Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made many efforts for the country and abroad. He visited Indonesia a lot, taking the name of Indonesia long ago, but he reached very little in Indonesia. The country will also be seen presiding over the meeting of G20 countries, so it was essential for our country to get there, for which Narendra Modi had talked for many days that by going there, he will get there with his country and the neighbouring countries. Together, they will be seen giving their statement about the wrong incident being done, and a lot of action can be seen.

Other countries are continuously seen doing a lot of wrong incidents with India. As a result of this incident, India never knows that there should be false incidents with it in the coming time and is looking towards certainty for any India. Although India’s efforts are to live together with the neighbouring countries of India, India should be with them lovingly. Still, those other countries do not want to be with India at all, and they always stand against India. It is obvious that compared to other countries, India is also seen doing the same, and all the neighbouring countries of India have always stood against India. They have always stood against India. Do not, but India has supported them in every difficult time.

Talks at the ASEAN conference on relations between India and China

On the other hand, if we talk about China, China has continuously attacked India many times. They have repeatedly tried to enter India’s service, and India seemed very worried about this, told them in India. He will not leave them behind in any way, and if China continues to do dirty things to India, then India will be fully ready to take strict action against it, and the meeting of G-20 countries will be held inside India. China has said in response that it is prepared to build good relations with India, and now it wants to forget the old things about its relations and develop new ties with India. He would like to, and if India wants to have good relations with him, then it is ready for that. He will never back down from this point.

Therefore, there is a lot of discussion about the differences between these two countries, which is why there are two countries between which there is no such thing. Although the number of both countries is more than the total population of the world, it is essential to live with love among the citizens here, and that is why India comes to the country that it is with China. To make good relations, India increased the number of trains that went to the soldiers of its service on the border of China because the Chinese army was constantly trying to enter the Indian border. India’s parts were shown inside, after which India continuously took action.

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