The captains of all the teams were called together for the World Cup.

Preparations for the World Cup have been wholly completed today, and the continuous efforts that BCCI was making will be seen getting results here today. ICC has decided to host India this time for the World Cup. So before that, he had also entirely accepted that India would expertly play this hosting role because the atmosphere of cricket created in India is much better than that of other countries. The way cricket is played in India is loved in India and is wholly considered a religion here. They follow the cricket program here like a religious festival, whatever cricket is played continuously. The tournaments are held here, and the people here fully support them. It is only after seeing the support of the people here that the ICC has chosen India as the right place to hold the tournament this time.

When ICC selected India for the World Cup this time, they showed a lot of attention because the dominance of the Indian cricket team is growing at a breakneck pace. The performance of cricketers can be seen continuously in different ways in the world, just as no one has broken the record of Sachin Tendulkar till now. However, if any big player is said to be behind breaking it, then it is Virat Kohli. All the prominent cricketers from India and others like Rohit Sharma also come from India. All the significant women cricketers have wholly come from India, and Indian cricketers have made their name worldwide. He has earned and maintained his position by playing cricket everywhere in the world, and in 1983, when he returned to India for the first time after winning the World Cup, India made a distinct step in the world of cricket.

All the players were welcomed well inside India.

All the players were welcomed very well inside India. All the players were found present here doing their work very well. All the players were continuously present here. Many British teams have also played here since then. I feel good here because of his style, how he has come here, and what he has done towards cricket has not been seen anywhere else. If, in this way, cricket continues to grow within India, then India will be among the world’s big countries. It already comes on the list, and continuously, it will be successful in winning the Cricket World Cup. The primary role played by India is that this time, the Indian cricket team is the leader of the World Cup and is also considered the winner here.

The Indian team has a significant chance to win the World Cup this time, but if the Indian team is successful in winning the World Cup this time, then the history of 2011 can be repeated here because in 2011 also, the World Cup was held inside India. At that time, the Indian team under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni felt that the Indian team would perform well there, but they did not expect at all that the Indian cricket team would be able to win the World Cup there. Will be successful, and when the Indian cricket team completely changed history by winning the World Cup here in 2011, they entirely wrote their name in the pages of history. Since then, even more performance is expected for them here. The importance of doing it has become complete, and based on his performance, he is seen becoming ultimately successful here from today onwards.

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