The Indian cricket team may be announced soon for the Asia Cup.

The Indian cricket team is currently playing the T20 series in the West Indies, and after that, the Indian cricket team has to prepare for the Asia Cup. This time, the Asia Cup is to be played inside Pakistan, but all the matches of India will be played inside Sri Lanka. And for this, earlier in India, she refused that she would never go to play matches inside Pakistan. The ICC also reprimanded her because Pakistan had said that if she refused to come to India, How would it feel? Still, he said that it would be entirely Pakistan’s fault if Pakistan did not enter India. Still, India will never go to Pakistan because of how terrorist organisations are active inside Pakistan. The agreement between India and Pakistan is also not quite right, so they have refused.

The match between India and Pakistan will also be played inside Sri Lanka, and India has made itself completely satisfied that it is ready to play all the matches inside Lanka. Still, it can play any match anytime in Pakistan. He will not play because he never wants to mess with his security system; on the other hand, the Indian Home Minister has also said very clearly that the Indian cricket team will never reach Pakistan to play any match unless there is an agreement with the entire district between them. There are no solutions, and when terrorism continues to grow in Pakistan like this, the birth of our country there is impossible, and the preparation of the Indian cricket team for the Asia Cup is going on very loudly inside the West Indies. This ongoing series will decide which players will be allowed for the Asia Cup.

Tilak’s best performance

Tilak Verma is seen playing a perfect game in this series. The way he has seen him for cricket this time, it seems that he will be selected for the team for the Asia Cup, while Sanju Samson, Regarding this selection committee, is continuously talking in the meeting; he has also talked a lot because Sanju Samson’s talent can be constantly seen for the future of the Indian cricket team. If Sanju Samson is kept in the team, it will be Sanju Samson’s name. It will be great for us and the Indian cricket team, and this player will go a long way constantly. People. Say a lot about him. This is the best Indian team getting an outstanding player.
The selection of the Indian team can be made before August 16-17, and its complete details will be given to the Indian selection committee BCCI, after which the team will be named. For this, many changes can be seen in the Indian team. This time it is being done even after giving a chance to the faces, while the Indian cricket team will also go with the old experience because the way Jasprit Bumrah has become entirely fit, the rest given to Mohammad Sami is also very much. It will be completed soon, which is why the Indian cricket team emerged as a strong team this time.

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