The irrigation scheme of jharkhand will be improved

The Government of Jharkhand has recently launched a new kind of irrigation scheme in order to increase the agriculture production in the state in the minimum amount of time so that the domestic income of the state increases to a great extent which helps in the development of the state all together. It is only with the help of a proper verification process that it can be possible to help the Agriculture Department to bring a difference in the economy as a whole. It is only with the help of proper verification that the scheme will proceed ahead in order to see that it is not being exploited by the middleman at all.

This scheme will be implemented only after the Agencies have executed a proper survey in order to see that the benefits of the irrigation scheme have been shared with all Stakeholders and have not been concentrated on just one thing. It is important to understand that different farmers have complained that the access to water has been reduced by the landlords and the big farmers without any kind of justification and authorisation by the government. This is nothing but avoidation of the legal rights that the farmers also enjoy.

It is only with the help of the proper beneficiaries that all the records would be taken into account and the agricultural department will stay focused on the details over the period of time. The government will play an important role to bring the desired result in the minimum amount of time so that the trust and confidence of the farmers in the government is not reduced because corruption is a huge termite which has already been responsible to shake the confidence of the citizens in The authenticity and truthfulness of the government. It is only with the help of the government that new companies will be formed to investigate the entire conduct of the farmers and also the way in which this industry functions so that no loss is caused over the period of time to the agricultural sectors because of such incidents. The government will focus on important factors so that the loop holes can be plugged and a proper solution can be followed by all the important people who have been affected due to this problem.

It is only with the help of the collective efforts that the benefits of the government scheme can be shared to all the people who are entitled to it at any cost. It is only with the help of these provisions that a change can be introduced in the economy. The agricultural department will play a very important role in order to see that everything is happening according to the plan and the benefits are being shared properly. This is the best way of improvement and it will have its own benefits over the time.

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