The problem of PCOS is increasing continuously among women.

Often, we see a lot of variation in men and women. The hormones inside women are different, and the hormones inside men are different; in this way, both hormones work differently. In the same way, the diseases inside them are also of various types. Men do not have the same diseases as women, but women can have many diseases in the bodies of men, hence women. A person’s body is very sensitive, and it becomes very natural for them to get diseases inside their body. It is generally seen that women get sick more often than men, and their immunity also weakens slowly. -When a woman gives birth to a child, then her immunity system or her immune system starts weakening gradually. If the immunity system becomes too weak, then The strength they have to fight diseases will also become too much and gradually, diseases will start taking them towards them.

Therefore, women should care for themselves, and those who cannot care for themselves become victims of terrible diseases. The hormones released by electricians in women help them run their bodies entirely. Their body is made up of completely different structures, and some different cells are also connected inside their body; hence, the body of women is very different, and the diseases related to their body are also different. -Different types of diseases often arise in women during pregnancy. Whatever they try to do, they should not have any disease in their body, but still, there will be many problems because these diseases start happening gradually. They have no idea they are creating many new diseases for their future children or even for the child they will give birth to.

Due to PCOS, there can be problems when giving birth to children.

PCOS can cause many problems in women, and when women start getting periods at irregular times, their disease gradually starts becoming active. Women complain that they gradually start getting pregnant, and in this way, women should take utmost care that if they see any signs of this type of disease, they should immediately consult a doctor and get a checkup done by the doctor, they should get complete treatment for this disease. Otherwise, she will be prevented from giving birth to children for the rest of her life, and gradually, the number of pregnancies she can have will also start reducing drastically. Those having their periods will also start earning a lot, and when their periods come, they will also try to harass them repeatedly at irregular times.

In this way, women should take care of themselves ideally and take care of it during pregnancy so that if black spots appear anywhere on their face, their hair starts falling continuously. Suppose any such disease appears in their body. In that case, it should indicate that such a severe disease may happen to them in the coming time, and they should start treatment immediately to recover from their illness fully. Take care of the children and keep your body completely healthy. If there is a body, it will also start reacting similarly.

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