There may be a new agreement between India and China soon.

India’s neighbours look very bad at the country, and their behaviour toward India is also terrible. India has got disappointing results continuously, but still, India never told them more than this; when they constantly attack India, India sometimes does not even respond to those attacks, but now when India India’s strategy has completely changed; India will not attack any country on its own and has said that if any country attacks India, it will have to be prepared for its retaliation and this is the action taken now. It will be very serious; they should have realised they should not even plan any attack against India.

India has started coming in the category of developed countries; the economy of India is continuously going upward, due to which many countries are jealous of India and in those countries, the names of China and Pakistan come up the most. And these two countries are the neighbouring countries of India; there is a border with China on all sides of India, for which the Indian Army is constantly deployed there as a Border Security Force, and they are continuously engaged in the security of India. Martyrs are also in large numbers, but the love that the soldiers of the country have for their country will never let India bow down; they swear by it completely, and they have said that the way the country’s economy is growing, He is pleased with what he is doing. He is always working for the service of the country.

India has asked China to withdraw its army from the border of China.

The dispute between India and China always goes on. In 1971, when the dispute between India and China had increased significantly, there was a lot of tension between the two countries. After eliminating this tension, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done this many times. Whenever he goes to other countries, there is always talk of the India-China agreement. Still, he says that if China does not become a state by then, then India and There can be no agreement between China. However, in the deals made between India and China, China has not always followed those agreements; it has been seen as continuously breaking them, so it wants China to avoid making any mistake in any way. Do and make any mistakes in India; if both stay together, it will be perfect for both countries.

Chinese time is a significantly developed country and is more developed than India. Hence, the condition of that country is much better than India. Still, the way it is seen fighting a lot with India on the border of Arunachal Pradesh, Indian India is constantly on the jubilee regarding how soldiers are shot. Now the border dispute between India and China has been accepted to be entirely correct, now the meeting between the two countries will be held in which Jaishankar Prasad, who Foreign Minister, said that this meeting concludes that an agreement should be made between the two countries and an atmosphere of peace and friendship should be created between the two countries.

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