UP man accused of his involvement with ISIS

The Indian intelligence agencies have been able to report the participation of a man who has been working in Uttar Pradesh for ISIS. It is important to note that the situation has completely gone out of control because the level of negotiations that were taking place between the two but completely beyond the comprehension of post of the people and nobody could have actually imagine that the person who always lives his life in simplicity is actually unpaking such kind of criminal activity which can have the potential to affect the security of the people in the long run and if these activities are not confirmed then automatically it will become impossible for the people to find the solution to any of these problem because it is something which has to be taken into account as soon as possible. All the movements and transactions of this person have the period of time and according to the latest sources it can easily be said that that person was having contacts with the best and he was under taking multiple type of criminal activity which had the potential to affect the security cover in India

This is completely a breach of security cover in India and most of the people have been taking into account all of these activities because the influence of the Western countries and especially the Middle East in countries is increasing to a great extent in India and this is something which is beyond the level of comprehension of most of the people because nobody could have actually your lizard that all of these activities will affect the level of the unity in India and this is a serious issue which has to be taken into consideration as soon as possible because it is a major problem that India faces for the time being and if the movements were not trapped in something was underwear which voice completely out of control and people did not have any kind of experience to control that. It is only with the help of time that people can get an idea about the way in which we can Shang the movements but some of the people with whom this person was working found certain activities to be very different from others and that is why the reported to the police officers who then took the matter to be Intelligence Agency to find out about the history of this person so that we can get in Idea whether he has any link with the terrorist organization.

It is the duty of the citizens to be aware of all the activities because these terrorist organisations are definitely trying the level best to find a solution a soon as possible because this particular solution will have its own negative effects over the time.

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