Vivo launches the X series, and there is a lot of craze to buy it.

Every day we see some or other change in technology continuously. Today, our country has progressed a lot through technology, and continuously through technology, our country will continue to move forward. Here, day by day, we talk about smartphones. Every day one or the other new smartphone is launched, and recently Vivo, which is a Chinese company, and Vivo’s dominance in India has increased significantly. People like to buy Vivo, so recently Vivo company launched two phones of the Vivo x90 series on 26 April.

The unique thing about this phone is that in this we will get three cameras, 50mp two that will be of very good quality vivo90 has launched both of them the first phone is x 90 and the second phone is x 90 pro. Two variants of this phone were launched. We will see the first variant with 128GB of long storage with 8GB of RAM, which will cost around ₹ 60000, and the second variant with 128GB or 256GB of storage, which can cost around ₹ 64000 in the market. This phone is a very finished design, and leather is used in this finish.

The phone looks very attractive in black color.

In this, we are getting to see only one color, and till now, it has been launched in black color only. If we discuss this phone, we will see a 6 Points 78-inch full HD display in it, and its resolution will be. It has been seen in 120, and media has been used. If we talk about the camera of this phone, then we will get to see three cameras of 50 MB each, whose quality will be critical, and a wide-angle camera will be installed separately in it. It will be 12 MP. The battery of this phone is said to be 4810 MH, and the battery of 4870 MH of the other variant is given in it, which is a very long-lasting battery.

The fast charging system has also been given in it, and Vivo keeps launching these types of phones continuously because it constantly wants its cell to grow. If it sells its phone continuously, then most of the world sees the supremacy of Vivo’s phone in India. It has increased a lot because in India, a lot of trusts is shown in Vivo’s phone, there are other companies in the market, but as much faith is shown in Vivo as it is shown in India, it is not shown anywhere else, and Vivo is constantly trying to They launch their new phones in India that their phones are bought a lot in India. The company earns profits, so it keeps launching its phones in India continuously, making profits, and giving phones to the people. It also offers many great features, so people are happy and want to buy the Vivo company’s phone.

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