Yoga Day to be celebrated in the UN Headquarters

Yoga day 2023 is likely to be celebrated on 21st June and this time the Indian Prime Minister will celebrate this important day in the United States of America at the UN headquarters. This will be one of the biggest presentations of Indian art form in front of an audience belonging to across 180 countries. It is definitely a huge moment of celebration that yoga will be practised before a large population so that everybody gets to know about the importance of yoga for the people in daily life. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will go to the United States of America in order to attend the US Congress for the second time in a tenure of 2 years.

It is important to understand that this celebration of yoga day will be carried forward in the United States of America and this will help to promote Indian values in front of the whole world. This will also try to boost Global Position of India and its reputation in order to increase the awareness about yoga and its utility across different parts of the world. This will be one of the greatest achievement for the country so far.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has already completed 9 years in power and in all of this time it has been able to spread awareness about the ways in which it has helped to promote the traditional values and culture of India throughout the world and the very basic fact that this your yoga will be celebrated at the headquarters of the United Nations is itself the best thing that is a proof that India has been able to gain worldwide recognition in all these years. According to the sources people from the different parts of the country will attend this event and will get an opportunity to understand the inherent values of India which are linked with the goodness of yoga and other important art forms that have got their own relevance. All of this will help in the promotion of art and culture in front of the world. Different types of leaders and diplomats will also be a part of this program and this will be the 9th time that the yoga day will become fully International. The international participation of different people from different parts of the world will help to provide benefits to a lot of people because yoga does not have any kind of side effects.

It is important to note that different types of lifestyle patterns have been followed for the time being and yoga has been able to bring positive changes despite the modern facilities of life in the long run and according to different research organisations yoga is the most sustainable way to live a longer and healthy life. It is only with the help of peaceful public events that it can be possible to increase the popularity of the Indian culture forms in front of the whole world so that a better revenue can be generated over the period of time.

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